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Basic Info

  • Man

  • 39

  • United States / Illinois / Chicago

  • brown hair, grey eyes, average biuld

  • I love music Ė classical, jazz (especially swing), and classic rock are my favorites. I like to read and am rather intellectually inclined, often ready for a stimulating discussion. But donít worry, Iím not just alive above the neck. I love nature and bike every day, and enjoy tennis. If I had the means, I would spend half my days sailing, and I really get into dancing when Iím in the mood for it. I love movies, too.

  • Most of all, Iím looking for someone with whom I wonít tire of talking Ė some intelligence and a sense of humor help in that regard. Physical things are definitely secondary, though petite brunettes tend to attract me slightly more than others. In terms of personality, my ideal is always honest and a kind soul.


  • 5'7" (1.70m)


  • No

Home Life

  • Single, never married


  • Reform

  • Fill in Later

  • Fill in later

  • Ashkenazi


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